How did a man so un-Christlike get prayed into power by Christians?

I sat down on the couch yesterday afternoon hoping to see history made. I was going sit and watch and Tweet as the first woman president was swept into office by voters who were wise enough to see that complex problems aren’t solved with simplistic one-line, hate fuelled answers from an obnoxious shouty Orange Man. 

I can’t stand Trump and all that he represents. We have all experienced Trump-like figures in our daily life who bully their way into personal gain and consume people as objects and although Hillary has her faults, I believed she was the women to enter the history books and crush the patriarchy—hooray!

I got it wrong and as it turns out, so did all the mainstream media and pollsters who scrambled to adjust their figures as Trump just kept on winning states. 

So who voted for him?

White, women, Christians. 

Demographically speaking…women like me. 

As a white women Christian myself my attention started to turn from the mainstream media to a lot of the Christian private media (such as blogs and social media sites) that I follow. The signs were all there had I been away from the liberal atheist media long enough to see them. 

I’m very fortunate that my church leaders are fiercely a-political and anyone that tries to push a political view in the church or its media will probably be crash tackled from the platform. I think the Australian and New Zealand churches are used to being a minority (Pentecostal Christians of which I am one make up about 2% of the New Zealand population) so we tend to be more moderate and just generally less self righteous. 

Not so in the US where the “one nation under God” thing is taken quite literally and pastors nudge their congregations toward one candidate or another. Sometimes it is subtle Facebook updates such as “protect the rights of the unborn child when you vote” or “protect the sanctity of marriage when you vote” but it all serves to influence. 

Instagram post from a large US church I was a bit disappointed with but there you go

But how could women vote for a man who so overtly doesn’t respect them and who exhibits none of the Christ-like behaviour that we are meant to hold in such high regard?

Like a lot of Christians, I do daily devotions which is basically a meeting with God where you read some Scripture and have a chat to him about things in your life. So I asked God how someone like Trump could be elected and he lead me to this Scripture (hey you want more Christian voices in the media—this is how we roll). 

“And I said to you, ‘I am God your God. Don’t for a minute be afraid of the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living.’ But you didn’t listen to me” Judges 6: 7-10 The Message


There are approximately 365 references in the Bible to “Fear Not” but fear they did and Trump came along and whipped up their fear and made the Christians believe that they were going to become a minority in their own country. 

So with all the praying for leadership in America we got Trump? Pope Francis denounced Trump.  One of the leading teaching pastors in the US Dr John Piper came out and said he would not vote for Trump or Clinton and I think his tweet explains some of what we ended up with. 

If you want to worship money and greed and TV celebrity then that’s what you’re going to get.  If you choose the path of fear rather than faith then you get a fear-monger. Christ asks us to live a life of faith and a life of others rather than self. American Christians chose fear and self and that’s how we got Trump. 

God Bless America.