I got hit by a taxi -in photos

It was an ordinary sort of Thursday. I was going to go to a thing at church, stop for a coffee and then write up some ideas from women's co-working day or maybe the startup australia Stripe chat at fishburners with Justin Kan and co. 

A few questions were coming through on a Board report we were submitting before Christmas- all was under control. The church event had wrapped for the year so I had a coffee over the road and read my Bible. Job and some John 10. God is God but he is also the Good Shepherd and he looks after his sheep. Got it. Because I was running early I decided to walk back to central station and get my big laptop (you know, exercise- Christmas is coming) so I walked down Bourke Street and then Foveaux in Surry Hills. It was drizzling but warm and I was thinking about the Lowy Institute event with the president of Ukraine I was going to at noon the next day. I needed to read up on the Ukraine thing. 

I got David Marr to take a photo of me with Alan Rusbridger (the best editor on the planet right now) and had lots of ideas from his Guardian privacy and press freedom event two nights before. Snowden and NSA and all that Internet changing the world's privacy business. Pulitzer Prize for journalism - look at that. 

I didn't think I was going to be the news. 
I was nearly at central station when I heard a car lock up and a loud bang. I turned over my left shoulder to see a car crash and a taxi coming straight for me. it was sliding and crashed into my legs, crushing me up against a garden wall. 
I knew my leg was broken and hopped a couple of times on my other leg before falling on my right side in a foetal position on the footpath. a crowd started to gather and various people tried to drag me out of the way. I had to keep swatting them away and I remember saying over and over "don't move me, please don't move me, wait for the ambulance, call an ambulance don't move me". 

I thought I might have a spinal injury.

One girl who was a nurse kept everyone back. it was very strange lying like a dead fish on a footpath in the rain screaming "don't touch my legs" at people in the middle of Sydney.  Leo from Kings Cross police arrived and told me the ambulance was nearly here. (note when you call an ambulance and they ask you where you are state the accident site, not your current location as the original call person kept driving and sent the ambulance about 2 km down the road). 

The ambulance arrived and they did that thing you see on the TV with a big board lifting a screaming mashed person off the footpath and into the van. The paramedic cut my jeans and handbag off (he couldn't bring himself to cut a pair of doc marten boots so they survived with a lace cut) and they put morphine into me. one of the guys kept singing Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball and told me I was Wonder Woman and had just been put through a wall which makes sense now I see the photo. 
The first tweet went up from emergency at St Vincent's hospital which I where I still am now. 
For the medical nerds I broke bones in my leg and my inner ankle. because it was a compound fracture I went straight to surgery and had a tibial nail and some screws put in. Tibial nail is a massive metal rod that runs from my knee to my ankle and it will probably stay in forever. 
Turns out there was a CCTV of me being hit that was recorded by someone called - Emmanuel (God with us) so I was able to go straight into full care as a motor vehicle accident victim with a police statement. The paramedic had a big crucifix around his neck that dangled in my face as he pulled my mangled leg into a splint which was blackout painful. I spent Christmas Day in a Catholic hospital founded by the Sisters of Charity. I've got lots more to write about my new appreciation for Accessible toilets, my frustration at paper based health care systems where you have to repeat the same bloody information to multiple groups of people each day, how much I love Uber, how terrifying it would be to have this accident in a remote / third world place (the leg would have been amputated) but for now I'm just grateful that Jesus came and picked this lamb up off the pavement when it got hit by a car and looked after it. 
Christmas Day operation so I couldn't really eat the turkey dinner.
The main thing now is getting a large wound on my left leg closed up so the tibial nail and bone doesn't get infected. I'm having plastic surgery on Monday to cut a flap from around my leg to patch over the hole. The skin graft comes off my leg and covers the meat flap site. then it will be a few more weeks here in hospital to make sure there's no infection. 
A clip on the leg is annoying, but it's also made me see how important it is to serve the vulnerable, elderly and disabled because in an instant, it could be you. 

The serious crash unit took a statement and I'll probably get some significant compensation because it will be lifelong injury (tibial nail and some ankle screws) but I don't blame the drivers - how easy is it to have a close call in the city? I'll be on crutches for about another month and it's pretty amazing that no other part of me was touched like my other leg or wrists, so I can hobble around.

I'm just grateful that God was and is with me and my legs work and I'm not dead quite yet. I'll write more soon but thanks to everyone who helped me and I'll bore you to death on twitter from my hospital bed for the next few weeks. I have to stay here because the wound has infection risk *warning medical gore photos* The hole is big because the impact whacked all the skin and it died so that got cut away on Christmas Day.

Isaiah 7:9 If you do not stand firm in your faith, then you will not stand at all