Singing Rastafarian sheep signals change at the adland wool sheds

I love this ad even though it sort of fails at doing a lot of ad things. Or does it?

Part of the reason I love it is of course the upper case C Creative-as-a-noun-and-a-person aspect. 

I love the sheep. I love the song. I love it when Zion the cool sheep (I think his name is Zion) staunchly drifts up for his haircut, does a shout-out to his fans, and instructs the shearer to ‘watch me dingleberries mon’

It’s energetic and colourful and single-minded with the sheep/change idea and the music and simple imagery makes it highly YouTube-able (well you know by adland standards not by Tyler Oakley standards).  FCB have shown their old skool roots though and disabled comments for the video which kind of cancels out any wow look at us embracing the futureness a little bit though don’t you think? And captioning the video would have also been a good way to show off how great the song lyrics are:

me doing this for all the hot-hot sheep out there / time for change

gotta get this wool off / get the dag off dag off

The ad fails the Mum test. My Mum actually asked ‘what’s a Eff Cee Bee?” and “what’s it for?” It doesn't have a real promotional mechanic so doesn't that just make it a music video? Or maybe it's a B2B ad and FCB are trying to expand their client list beyond the usual suspects of highly contested Top 20 advertisers who often have massive global buying and creative arrangements running anyway?

Let's say it’s a B2B ad and only industry folk like me and Ben Fahy and maybe Tim Burrowes over at Mumbrella would probably care to talk about it and write a blog post. Look Ben’s already done his. So what was with the ad placement at that time? I saw it on a bluechip slot, Sunday night eat your dinner o’clock broadcast TV. 

Option 1: Cutting room floor Creative that was repurposed because FCB really loved it

Option 2: Award entry show piece blatantly running in a consumer slot to get away from some of the criticism around ad agencies running pure Creative, non-commercial TVCs at 3am Ginzu knife home shopping channel witching hour and claiming it for a Cannes Lion. 

Option 3: Someone got boozed at a media event and talked to a guy at TVNZ and said ‘we just really need to get businesses to understand B2B TV could work really well for them if they just spend the money and execute properly in a decent media buy with strong Creative’. 

Option 4: All of the above

“me feel straaaange” 

It does all feel a bit strange and perhaps that’s why I like it. Here’s an agency that have actually put their energy into showcasing what they can do and come up with a fresh new approach for B2B TV. Call it self indulgent peacocking or desperate tears that your best work never made it out of the ad shop. Cue arguments as to whether or not upper case C Creative that hasn’t been through the crushing disappointment of beige trousers client sign off and Legal dilution counts for much. Couple it with the desire at the moment for every single ad to have a young, good looking person walking through a changing background of movie-like scenes narrating to the camera (Sky TV, Spark, Meredian Energy). It made me stop and think and it's a change in approach and that ‘feels so good mon.'