Two things you need to know about the new Huffington Post Australia

Huffington Post Australia pushed go on their interwebs this morning. 

JBish got the front page

A few days ago at ADMA in Sydney, I sat in on the preso from their new CEO Chris Janz and two facts turned my head

Huffington Post Australia CEO Chris Janz -seems like a nice chappie

1. “we had 1800 applications for 35 editorial roles”

You see, as much as the editorial types like to publicly snub Huffington Post (SBS referred to it recently as a ‘left wing blog aggregator’), it seems there is no shortage of talent throwing their CVs at the HuffPo. Janz has gone for a strong, former News Corp News Corp journalist and editor Tory Maguire as editor-in-chief. Tory is known for driving conversations and working across digital platforms so that all sounds very Huff Posty doesn’t it?

A dream editorial team will mean great content, even though journalists also hate the word ‘content'. 

2. “Fairfax is our local partner”

Some think that the HuffPo/Fairfax partnership will cannibalise Fairfax, especially lifestyle content.  Fairfax needs to improve in this area so any competition is good for them I think. They’ll probably just aggregate the inventory at the back-end and sell it through the Fairfax Media ad networks to agency anyway so overall, everyone wins. It means that HuffPo doesn’t need to go through the messy business of setting up account management and sales and all that handshaking business can be concentrated on creating image slideshows that you have to click on 15 times to view two photos. 

Buzzfeed and HuffPo both leaping into Australia

BuzzFeed Oz have been very active in the Australian political conversation this week with the appointment of Mark Di Stefano as political editor so get your popcorn, the Australian coverage is going to be excellent. 

I went to the TV

I went to ABC Q & A #qanda to hear Treasurer Joe Hockey present his Intergenerational Report in a special show. I got in the front row which I thought may have been sign of my amazing attractiveness for TV but the producer lady then said she saw me limping and didn’t want me to have to go up steps so now both my leg and my dreams are crushed. 

There was a man playing Johnny Cash songs on a harp which was pretty excellent and some ABC cuts austerity snacks which included: 

1. water

2. Minties

3. Mentos (the coloured fruity ones which should be called Fruitos IMO)

Quite a lot of security to get into the studio which is understandable after deranged Monis did some hostage taking outside Channel 7—wavey wands and bag searches and all that. Then the Executive Producer Peter McEvoy did a Meerkat stream of the audience so you can’t accuse ABC of not being early adopters. Thrifty on snacks, yes but behind the times they were not. 

sneaky photo: an Intergenerational Report special. Joining Tony Jones is Treasurer Joe Hockey; Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen; ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie; CEO of Australian Chamber of Commerce Kate Carnell & public policy expert John Dale 

The floor manager lady then tells everyone to turn their devices off like being on a plane except this time, it’s actually for real that it interferes with transmission. I took a quick photo before the lock down and this was very difficult for my feelings because seeing screens in the studio with live tweet stats and not being able to tweet created FOMO even though I was not missing out and actually there for real \_(ツ)_/¯

The cameraman has photos of the panel people stuck to his camera which is clever isn't it?
Trying to explain tax policy, superannuation, housing affordability, education and employment and pretty much life and the universe for the next three generations was a bit hard work on a panel discussion so you might need to read the report and study five years of postgraduate economics and do some industry workshops and then you’ll probably still have no idea. Running a country is hard. 

Speaking of reading reports, Nielsen put out another one of theirs and Q & A came out in the top most tweeted shows at number five (excluding sport). No surprises that that Superbowl took out the top sport number for Australia which provides me with an opportunity to use this Left Shark gif

left shark forever

The new stats which show unique authors and tweet numbers are quite handy and show the live audience numbers. I know that everyone loves to destroy any form of social media audience number but it’s a start and if there’s one thing we can learn from Left Shark, the budget audience metrics and my limpy leg, you don’t have to have it perfect to go-live. 

Watch the full show on abc iView --AU only 

Australia Decides: The 2013 Social Media Elections

The team at Social Bakers flicked me through this infographic this morning so I thought I'd share it with you. 

The data is just Facebook so keep that in mind.

I asked them whether the naughty Twitter follower business in the Abbott camp had been controlled for. A 70k boost in Twitter followers over 12 hours is the type of insight benchmarking software won't pick up if you are looking at straight follower growth numbers so that's why you always need humans checking. I quite like some of the Google Hangout stuff that Fairfax Sydney Morning Herald has been doing with the politicians and hopefully we'll see more of that in future government communications.