How much of your online traffic is actually bots?

How much of your online traffic is actually bots?

"Probably about 40%. If the activity is highly predictable, it’s probably a machine and not a human.

The only thing that watches a full online video from the exact start to the exact end is a machine.”

How accurate is that geolocation data you’re mining?

"Not very. Many apps default to a central geolocation in the US and provide false readings for analysts. It’s called data piling.” 

That’s according to Dstillery Chief Scientist Claudia Perlich speaking at the Association of Data Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) global forum in Sydney last week. 

Her expertise in machine learning systems and predictive behaviour sniffs out what’s real and what’s fake in your ad data and often leaves a set of only about 5% of campaign traffic as real humans who you can attribute transaction behaviour to.  Perlich used to work in Data Analytics Research at IBM Watson’s Research Centre so she is by all accounts, a massive data nerd. 

 “I’m from East Germany, so I didn’t know what an ad was until I was 15” 

So what’s the end game?

“An audience of one. We can now model thousands of data points and build targets and retargets for different domains and ad creative down to the individual customer.”

More images from the event:

Creative Director of Wired Billy Sorentino "Wired is an experience. Design is experience"
The ADMA crew led by Jodie Sangster -a huge week of data driven marketing

Magician and Ideo designer Andrew Evans. One of the best conference performances I've ever seen. Fantastic. 

Facebook, Instagram and Oracle led the sponsor charge --ad tech ruling the conversation

Our GovHack Sydney 2015 entry

Terence, Trent and me

I participated in GovHack Sydney over the weekend and what a great time we all had. Around 200 people showed up and we got into teams to hack away at open government data sets from lots of different areas like water, tax, health, military, housing and social services. 

Going through your data

Our team ‘hacked’ ourselves together on Friday night and started in to some Australian Tax Office records on net earnings by industry. 

We were fortunate to come across an Australian Stats industry mentor who showed us to some house sale data so we could look at affordability in different regions. 

Using Oracle Application Express, we built a database so users can compare current location, work industry and earnings to a future scenario and make fact-based decisions about their future. Have a play here

Our app is called and you have a go with it here —not bad for 48 hours work I think. 

ATO and ABS data in a user-friendly format to compare

We also had to make a 3-minute video entry and provide user info for our app, quite a lot to turn around in the time but we made the deadline and were mighty impressed with Fishburners upload speeds :)

GovHack events happened all across Australia and New Zealand and there are cash prizes depending on which data sets you use and the different judging criteria. For example, we entered in best use of NSW local data, Australian Tax Office and ABS policy data categories. Plenty of food and coffee was consumed and much swag was dished out across the weekend. It was good to hack away at the data and get into some code, which I haven’t done for a while. Thanks to all the organisers and mentors -it was a fab event. 

Oracle's Larry Ellison air guitars his way into marketing but do we get it?

There are many things I like about Oracle:

1. The Larry Ellison / Russell Coutts bromance is one of them. 

I once heard Larry describe Russell as the only person he takes orders from and as the only New Zealander in the world today who supported Russell’s move to Team Oracle for the America's Cup  I was pleased to see him at the Oracle's Openworld event today. Haters to the left. 

2. The hilarious rock music driving a Hummer up a mountain in a Rocky action movie vibe for their keynotes

Dun dun dunnnnn — we have a database—YEAHHHH —air guitarrrrrr. 

3. Oracle have a massive client list. 

Laugh all you want but when I got a marketing email the other day from Twitter, it was sent from Eloqua. Twitter Cards puts customer details into Eloqua because lots of big organisations use it. 

Ever applied for a job at a bank or something? You’ve probably filled out an online form in Taleo

Pepsi Frito-lay is doing FMCG promotions on Oracle Demantra? What the hell is a Demantra? You can watch a video and I’m interested in this sort of thing and i can’t be bothered so I can’t really imagine that any of the regular, less geeky and interested in database apps marketers that I’ve worked with would but that's what they use if you care. 

I went to an Oracle  event in Sydney and after being asked by several salespeople whether or not I was in the Oracle events team or the hotel events team or ‘waiting for my husband’, I was invited in to a technical presentation where speakers wizzed through slides of logos for the many builds and acquisitions that Oracle had made, many in the marketing and social space.  

The speaker was the by-product of such an acquisition and he did something to do with retail and databases and e-commerce and then he talked about cloud development gap and how they needed people to build lots of stuff to run on the EXA META GRRR 4000 CLOUDERATION SUPERCLUSTER BLADE platform or something. In the scheme of end-user understanding of how this sort of thing works I would usually rank myself about a 7 and I had no idea what he was talking about. So I figured the preso must be targeted for developers but then most of the people in the room where from client-side big IT departments I don't know?

I couldn’t help but think there must be so many opportunities for developers to build really great products and businesses if someone could just, you know, actually explain the tech behind the Oracle products in a simple way. It’s tricky because a lot great developers are spending their time building Instagram copies and time tracking software when they could be building some awesome plugin for the Oracle Demantra if people like me who actually pay attention could figure out what it was and tell everyone else about the awesome tech at work on —umm Oracle Demantra?

It might not sound as exciting as Snapchat but in terms of impact, building something for a massive open government healthcare project or retail bank or media network would really change things and that’s what we need. IT people are buying marketing and media software because they are already running Oracle gear which may or may not be a bad thing. I don’t know because it’s so confusing to figure out if the stuff is any good or not and nobody would give me a demo account or any way of playing with it to make an assessment because I couldn’t possibly know how to do my job better than an Oracle salesperson who thought I must be part of the events team because why else would I be there?

When you get past all the air guitar-ing and motion sickness from the spinning logos and M7 chipset FUSION ERP HCM you can look around the room and see that there are many, many companies who use this stuff and a handful of nerds who get what their little piece of the puzzle means but probably not how it works across different functions, let alone to their customers. It’s an industry-wide thing and I’m sure Oracle are aware of it but I fear many marketers are going to get stuck with nasty, unusable software that their IT person has gone ahead and purchased because it talks to the Oracle thing and all their other things are Oracle. I’m sure Larry knows this and that’s why he can afford to pay Russell lots of money and buy a nice island in Hawaii with pineapples on it and good for him. What would be really great is if product marketers or evangelists or whoever does the customer stuff would sit and look at successful consumer products like Twitter and Evernote and Mailchimp and communicate it like that so that more people can get it and run with it and make enterprise technology not so complicated and unattainable for regular folk because if you can understand Mailchimp you should be able to understand Eloqua and marketing teams have large, successful teams of loyalty database marketers who get databases so they should be able to get Demantra, whatever that is.