The real reason I love screenshots

alt title: screenshots are amazing and I love them
how to screenshot on a mac
why did they make it so hard to screenshot on a mac?
just get over yourselves and get a print screen button give Bill some credit he’s doing good with AIDS and Ebola

I’m a big screenshotter which is mainly because there are lots of things on the social web that are really hard to explain in words and wouldn’t make sense even if you were super amazing at describing them. It’s like reverse Pictionary or something. 

I know designers HATE screenshots because they are low res and pixelated and then sometimes I run a screenshot through a filter just to to really make them cry but to me, it’s just pointing you to something on the web and if you want to go and see the real one then go online and look at it. What makes social media different is the peer to peer, two way communication thing so you need to show comment reactions and how users are interacting with your content. That's the super important thing that matters. So for your pizza delivery presentation which is the best image? 

A: Pretty Getty images proper image with nice lighting and happy people and high res and big file

I am Dan your fake model pizza guy, here is your fake pizza

knock knock

B: Crappy mobile screenshot run through a filter and mashed together on some collage tool with another mobile photo so it's all blurry

Of course A is the better photo but B actually shows you the customer interacting with the pizza company. Which image gives you more insight? B. B tells you that your delivery person might be a woman and might be going to probably harmless but slightly TMI customers in their undies watching Bond films. B tells you the person ordered on mobile. B is real. 

Screenshots are the best way of showing what's really happening so don’t waste you time (like I used to) trying to recreate pretty graphics and diagrams, for internal documents especially. It’s a massive time soak and today, I am officially done with the anti-screenshot people. 

We are done