The Uber mess, why tech companies shouldn’t hire more women, and a new direction for my writing

I was going to write a post about the Uber hoohaa and how the canned responses to ‘hire more women’ really annoy me. Like we are supposed to fix your mess and the behaviour of naughty boys who can’t adult properly. Dilute the naughty boys with responsible young women who need another bloody burden to carry up the corporate career ladder. We are told to hustle, fight, change and refurbish. It all sounds very exhausting…what if you just want to do your job and go home and cook a stir fry and watch some TV? Maybe individuals should respect other individuals regardless of gender and not make their life harder all the time just for existing?

That made me too stabby and annoyed so I was going to write about how great it is that the authentic expression and writing of one woman blogger (the ex Uber employee Susan) caused a shockwave through startup hype land and forced the libertarian reptile brains of the flying car brigade to actually make some moral decisions like, for example, respect half of the earth’s population. 

But then the Christian in me kicked in and deep down I know that unless individual souls are changed and healed then it will all become legal policy and give woman more hassles as they become an HR diversity project. I've met many of these 'pet' successful token woman at the top of the ladder types and they're just...weird. They seem to have traded of their womanhood for acceptance into a male club that only really likes them because they do four times as much work as everybody else. The more I met these women, the more I decided that I wasn't one of them and I didn't especially want to morph into one of them and that the boy's club would never really accept me anyway so better to stop knocking on that door and go somewhere else and be myself and be happy. 

At the core of the Uber story is a broken young man who was clearly in an unhealthy, relationship with his girlfriend. He brought this brokenness to work and started trying to seek affirmation and love from other women by getting sexual attention from them. An HR policy can’t fix this. The pastoral side of me will tell you that only a relationship with your creator Jesus Christ will fix this, but we've jumped ahead. 

All this thinking has led me to a decision that I’ve been playing around with for a long time. I often thought that in my perfect world, I would sit and write little Christian devotionals all day and that would be me and as time goes on, I realise there’s nothing really stopping me from doing this today. 

I have been heavily impacted by the writing and teaching of many great Christian authors and I think it’s time for me to give back. I’ve struggled with this for a long time because I felt that I wasn’t ‘good’ enough, my writing wasn’t good enough, people would think I was weird, and nobody would read it anyway. I compare my self to great pastors such as John Piper and his words that moved me to belief as a non-Christian and think “my words could never do that”. 

But as the great Lee Strobel says “write what God has put on your heart to write” so that’s what I’m going to do. 

Some of the rhetoric coming out of the United States at the moment under a Christian evangelical banner is quite frightening. I don’t know if it’s bad teaching, lack of Bible knowledge, or cultural corruption that has led to this legalism and lack of compassion for the individual but it’s not what Jesus taught and it needs to be purged out of the Church. Right believing leads to right behaviour so my task now will be to contribute to that in some small way. 

I thank Susan Fowler for her Uber blog and her bravery to express what many of us have suffered in silence and awkward- laughing-along-with just to try to fit in. I really hope Uber apologises to you for putting you through that situation and that the man involved is disciplined and given counselling for his dysfunctional behaviour. I hope the HR manager apologises to you for their cowardice and unjust advice. God is both male and female and any dishonour to the feminine is also disrespect to God….but that’s another piece of writing :)